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Welcome to PAT Transport, the premier auto transport, home movers, and logistics company in Australia.

For years we have been providing transportation services to all over in Australia and international locations both safely and dependably. From multi-vehicle auto shipping for dealers to single car shipping for those relocating to a new city, PAT Transport is offered you each type of transportation service. This website is proudly sponsored by Brisk Transport.

We are licensed, bonded and insured - and we take the safety of your material and vehicle very seriously!


If you're like most manufacturers, you currently receive individual orders by phone and fax from your distributors around the country. Each order begins a process that includes extensive paperwork and sophisticated logistics planning. Now imagine if you could obtain your entire day's orders in a single consolidated order that comes to you online.

You just provide a shipping date and an ASN which triggers our pick-up process. Using the most economical carriers, we facilitate pick up right at your dock door and bring the order to one of PAT regional cross-dock operations. Only then is the order broken and shipped to your individual distributors.

Superior Planning and Coordination
PAT transport utilizes the industry's most advanced freight routing system. We can determine the best pick-up carrier, the exact point where merge in transit should occur, the exact location of the cross dock, and finally, the best outbound carrier to your distributor. We seek to coordinate the logistics solution that will provide the greatest value. The result is a smooth flow of goods from manufacturing to the point of sale and potential cost savings in supply chain management of up to 20 percent.

We're Transparent to Your Customers
The transition to PAT will be an easy one for your clients. They'll immediately recognize improved order handling when they receive instant online confirmation of their order. They'll also experience speedier deliveries and reduced freight costs.

However, our behind-the-scenes work is completely transparent to your distributors. Because we're able to communicate with their in-house computer systems, they can transmit their orders just as they always have via any of the following media:

    Internet direct entry
    FTP file via secured Internet server
    FTP file via modem
    Van EDI
    Internet EDI (ANSI standard)

A Custom E-Commerce Site
Through PAT you'll have the option to use a customized online order site for your distributors' inbound orders. The site would include your name, logo and any terms and conditions as they relate to order entry. It can accommodate multiple line item orders and would continually check your database for the accuracy of part numbers and minimum order quantities.

Your custom E-commerce site would also include a database for your pricing formulas, individualized for each customer if you like. You can update your pricing database as often as you wish - monthly, daily, even hourly. This database is secured behind an ironclad Internet security system.

PAT Transport the best logistics company in australia.

PAT Transport the is the name of the brand in Australia. We are providing transportation services from years; our representatives are available 24/7 on call you can contact anytime from anywhere. Please download our PDF file for more information about the company and the routes also details about air, ocean and road services.

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